As an experienced online coach Frosina sees her primary role in supporting and enabling personal growth and transformation, at all professional and managerial levels. Frosina is an experienced coach and management consultant with over 10 years of experience in Human Resources, Change Management, and Transformational projects. 

She started her career as a marketing specialist at a small IT Consultancy in the Netherlands. She decided to leave that job in 2009 and specialize in Change Management. After finalizing her Master in Organizational Change and Consultancy at the University of Maastricht, she joined the corporate HR team in Philips. Starting as a young professional she had the chance to grow, develop and learn first-hand from remarkable leaders and coaches within the Philips Corporate Organization. 

Frosina is a native Macedonian, who has lived for 13 years in the Netherlands and almost a year in Nicaragua. She speaks five languages (Macedonian, English, Dutch, Spanish and Serbian) and has spent several years traveling and numerous different countries. Frosina draws from her strong international background in understanding different cultures and the influence of cultures on the work floor as well as in the team dynamics.

In a rising globalized world, she as a coach offers a strong unique combination of work and life experience and understanding of the strengths and challenges of multicultural teams and organizations.